Euro Tour!

It’s been just over a month now since my last update. For the last three weeks (May 11-June 2) I’ve been traveling around Europe with 85 other exchange students living in Austria and Croatia.

On May 11th I went to Linz and stayed with two friends until the Euro Tour started on the 15th. One of these days I went to Mauthausen which is a former concentration camp. I’ve never been to one before, and I have to stay they kind of wreck your day.

On the 15th all of the exchangers going on the Euro Tour met up at the train station in Linz. We loaded the buses and started on our way up to Prague. In Prague we had a guided city tour with a Czech guide in German. He has a very bad accent in German and was really hard to understand, but it was alright because I’d already seen everything that the tour went to.

The next day we headed off to Dresden and Cologne in Germany. Both of these cities are absolutely beautiful.

From there we went to Brussels in Belgium and Brugges. Brussels is kind of boring (As far as traveling goes!) and very touristy. Brugges is also super touristy but a very fun town to hang out in.

Then we went to Paris for a few days. Paris is a very cool, unique city, but I don’t have any desire to go back. The people were super rude, it’s quite dirty, and you’re always looking out for pickpockets (a few exchangers had stuff stolen). The Eiffel Tower is cool though, and the Louvre is absolutely amazing.

We then had a night in Toulouse, but we didn’t really get to see much of the city. From what we did see it seems pretty charming. The people were a bit nicer here too as well.

We then headed to Andorra which is small, clean, modern, and tax-free. Andorra is absolutely gorgeous. There was still snow here.

Next on the trip was Barcelona which was by far my favorite stop of the trip. It’s a fun, active, lively city. It’s a little dirty, but it really suits the cities atmosphere. The beaches are awesome, the people super friendly, and the whole city has an amazing vibe. I can’t say enough good stuff about Barcelona.

We made a day trip one day to the monastery of Mont Serrat, which is super cool.

Then we went back to France and saw Avignon and Eze Village. Both of these places are very touristy but cool. Eze Village is a super cool village.

We were in Monaco on Saturday, and the Grand Prix was on Sunday so we got to see the practice runs and there were so many awesome cars and boats in Monaco. It was also super busy because the Grand Prix is the height of the tourist season in Monaco. It was also over 30 degrees here. Monaco is super expensive as well. A coke is 4-5 Euro.

From here we went into Italy and saw Luccca which was a very cool small city. Then we went to Cinque Terre and went cliff jumping which was absolutely beautiful.

Next was Pisa and Florence. Pisa is very interesting, and the tower really is leaning. Florence doesn’t have too much to offer other than three or four old churches and a unique bridge. A few hours here seemed to be more than enough.

Lastly was Jesolo and Venice. Jesolo had awesome beaches and Venice was just as awesome the second time around. I love Venice.

We then got back to Linz and went to the district conference. After that we started saying our good byes. It’s so hard to believe that I only have three weeks left in Austria now.

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