Ski Camp – Schladming

I just got back from a week at ski camp in Schladming (the world cup is being held there next year) with most of the exchange students in Austria. It was an awesome week and it went by really fast.
On Friday one of my friends stayed at my house so that we could ski an extra day. I live an hour from Schladming so I’d already been there a fair bit this year. 
The snow was all man made and wasn’t very good. It was still a great time. The first 3 days we had half day lessons but my instructor (advanced group) was horrible. He didn’t know anything.
We were allowed to ski around with friends after lessons and for the last 3 days, so we covered a lot of the hill, and spent a lot of time in the park.
Evenings we just hung around our hotel playing pool an searching movies. One day we went sledding which was tons of fun. The last night we went to a ski dance thing which was pretty lame. It was pretty much just a huge advertisement for the ski hill. 
Overall it was an awesome week! 

3 thoughts on “Ski Camp – Schladming

  1. Juliet

    Hi, I love reading your blog, I\’m going to be an RYE student living in Austria next year. Any advice or information about the program in Austria that you can give to future exchange students?


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